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Smart Storage For Everyday Use

iKeyp Pro

The iKeyp is a smartphone enabled personal safe that keeps medication private and secure, helps combat the prescription medication abuse epidemic in our country and protects children, loved ones and communities from the dangers of drug abuse. The iKeyp was initially designed as a direct response to this epidemic, but in building the best medication safe we realized that the iKeyp is so versatile it can be used to store any personal items an individual might want to keep private and safe.

The iKeyp is equipped with expandable compression wings to secure your iKeyp in place. In addition, the motion sensing tamper alert system notifies you in real-time when someone attempts to access, move or tilt your iKeyp. These security features help keep your possessions safe and gives you peace of mind around the clock.

The iKeyp is a next-generation personal safe designed to stop theft by providing an intelligent, secure, and private storage area to safely keep personal belongings, valuables, and prescription medications anywhere in the home, office or on-the-go.

Features Overview

The world's smartest personal safe keeps getting smarter with regular software updates and improved smartphone controls:

  • Set up your iKeyp safes to connect over Wifi to the Internet
  • Remotely unlock your iKeyp safe to grant access to family while away
  • Receive real-time alerts, notifications, and reminders directly from your iKeyp safes
  • Manage all your iKeyp safes from the convenience of your smartphone
  • Track and monitor medication usage and adherance
  • Keep an eye on your iKeyp's battery life and be notified when it is time to replace
  • Share access to your iKeyp safe with family and send alerts to caregivers
  • Create a calendar of custom, user-defined reminders
  • Download new features firmware updates for your iKeyp safes
  • Quickly access training videos and customer support

In the Box

iKeyp Parts
  • iKeyp Safe with Expandable Wings
  • Removable Installation Knob
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Owner Card with Secure Registration Code
  • Mounting Pads for the Side of Wings
  • Set of 2 Back-Up Keys

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iKeyp Safe Alerts and Reminders

Real-Time Security
  • Incorrect Code Entered Alert
  • Safe Tamper Alert
  • Safe Door Opened Alert
  • Safe Door Remains Open Alert
  • Access Code Reset Alert
  • Backup Key Used Alert
Medication Adherence
  • Proactive Medication Reminders
  • Intelligent Missed Dosage Alert
  • Safe Open Frequency Alert
  • Medication “In or Out of Range” Alert
Safe Maintenance
  • Successful Configuration Notice
  • Wi-Fi Transmitting Indicator
  • Wi-Fi Interrupted Alert
  • Replace Low Battery Alert

Technical Specifications

iKeyp Specifications

Advanced Security Accelerometer Featuring:

  • Freefall and Motion Detection
  • Shock and Vibration Monitoring
  • Three-Axis Tilt Sensing
  • iKeyp Safe Weight with Batteries: 4.15 lbs.
  • iKeyp Exterior: 5.97” h x 12.80” w x 3.38” d
  • iKeyp Interior: 5.60” h x 8.43” w x 2.50” d
  • iKeyp Wings: Gray Powder-Coated Steel 1.8mm
  • iKeyp Body: White ABS/Polycarbonate Compound
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Atmel® SmartConnect 802.11 b/g/n IoT Network Controller
  • Three Ultra-Bright RGB LED Icons
  • Ultra-Loud Piezo Buzzer
  • Water-Resistant Membrane Digital Keypad
  • Humidity-Resistant Interior Compartment
  • Batteries Required: 4 x AA Alkaline (not included)
  • Maximum Installation Width: 23.5” with Wings Fully Extended